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709, 2017

Ardtornish Estate Newsletter août 2017

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CEO UPDATE Summer is well underway and Ardtornish has been very busy with visitors in a packed booking schedule for the visitor team. Our energy assets have been working hard with a lot of rainfall. More later. Various people have been visiting during August amongst these were senior buying staff from Waitrose who were introduced to Ardtornish by Dennis Overton. [...]

2806, 2017

Ardtornish Estate Newsletter juin 2017

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CEO Update I am very pleased to present this newsletter on behalf of everyone at Ardtornish and many thanks for the contributions from colleagues. The first 6 months of 2017 have been very busy and with such a great team of people working here, I am confident that we will get through the workload. There is much going on as [...]

1806, 2017

Rapport annuel, 2016

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A word from Dennis Overton, OBE, Chairman of the Ardtornish Estate Company. Dennis Overton, OBE I’m delighted to introduce this, our third such annual report, on behalf of the team at Ardtornish - and to thank them for the year’s work that it records. My tasks as chair of the board are made easier by settled policies [...]

304, 2017

Février 2017 Bulletin d'information

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Immobilier quel occupé un début de 2017!  L’objectif principal de l’équipe de travaux a consisté à installer la nouvelle biomasse chauffage principal pour les bâtiments d’yard. Les tuyaux de la chaufferie (en cours de construction dans la zone commerciale; il sera publié dans le nouveau hangar agricole) ont été mis en Achranich et boutique de menuisier. Nous prévoyons [...]